It’s never been easier to do some funky video analytics from your pc or raspberry pi camera.

I often build simple camera projects to either detect faces or some other worldly artefact. One device connected to a single camera, simple enough.

But what to do when you want to do multiple things with the camera stream? such as pipe the video feed to a face detector and to a website or something like that. Usually the OS will tell you to piss off if you’re attached to a camera device already. …

Photo by Oskar Yildiz on Unsplash

I’ve never been a fan of working from home, mostly because I found myself getting easily distracted by just about anything… mainly food. I’m a developer so, I’d compile some code, get up to go make some coffee get back to my desk and a few minutes later get up again to get a cookie or just get up to go stare into the refrigerator knowing very well it probably hadn’t gained the ability to fill itself with new snacky snacks sigh :(

On average I probably found myself working from home about once every 3 months, so definitely not…

It’s something everyone has experienced, you desperately crave something, you chase, research, dedicate so much time to achieving it, a relentless pursuit.

Eventually, against all odds, that (fill in the blank here) is yours. Your journey finally comes to an end, what joy! Until, of course, the next something comes along and the journey basically resets and you start all over again, leaving you thinking that the last something wasn’t really the thing you were looking for, however the next something well . . .

Why is that? Why are we never satisfied? Why do we always want?

Lessons from religion

Spoiler, the…


Why are we differentiating?

Flashback: The beginning

I remember my very first day of primary school like it was yesterday, it was a completely new experience. Back in the day you didn't have to start at creche/ kindergarten before moving on to primary school, so primary school was the first time I had dipped my toe into the education system. My parents walked with me to my first class, said a few words to my grade 1 teacher, said goodbye to me and told me to be good… This was pretty much the standard protocol it seemed since every other parent seemed to do just about the…

Love without words…

Image by Jose Pita — Toulouse

Sunlight finds its way through,
as it did yesterday and the day before then.
Stubborn eyelids resist the day ahead,
they eventually give up the fight and slowly push open.
Warm light washes away a dream desperate to remain my reality.
A hazy view of my world begins to form.
Senses awaken and push confusion under thick covers.

A memory ignites my will,
time unravels under clouded thoughts.
Things to do.

This is no ordinary place, this is tomorrow!
This is the promised better day.
A time never once before visited.
This is the day to own,
This day we will explore until our feet burn.

This will be our day
This is our today.

How do we build in motivation?

It’s easy to get fired up and motivated to do something new and challenging, however sustained continuous motivation is often what eludes most teams.

Sustained motivation is a completely different beast when compared to adhoc motivation, something like registering to do an OCR (obstacle course race) event and completing it would be something adhoc, continuously registering and participating in subsequent OCR events would be something sustained.

Sustained motivation requires the right environment to thrive and setting up that environment is key to keeping the momentum of motivation.

Setup an environment for sustained motivation

Isha Cogborn

Think of your favorite story,
think of the first time you heard that story…

Now imagine someone carelessly spoiling the ending before the journey even began.
Could you continue to read the story with the same enthusiasm if you knew the end?

Does the belief that we are going to ascend to heaven give us an illusion of knowing the end of our story, hampering our ability to live our lives to the fullest?
Imagine being completely oblivious to the existence of such a place. Imagine having no illusions of your end. …

Image: Brandon Hammond

Life does not happen in leaps and bounds,
it unfolds.

I waited for my story to unfold,
eagerly I waited for the glory of success.

My story’s pages lay empty and clean,
words would not be written by any other.


I picked up the quill and fenced with my destiny.

Pages lay bare no more,
they bled tales of

and success.

Each tale unfolds, revealing yet another,
sewn together by strands of coincidence.

Time no longer calls on once patient thoughts,
thoughts now command my will to action

I continue to write…

Jose Pita

Fingers bouncing furiously across impatient keys with the hope that someday someone might read these tales and think on the writers wishes

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